Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sonia Rykiel pour H&M: Spring Collection Preview

Hello, and "happy weekend" to all of my readers! First off, I would like to express my gratitude for all of my supportive friends, family and others who read Shine Through. Although this blog has only been running for exactly one month and 26 days, I feel as if I have been doing this for a lifetime! All of your support and enthusiasm towards my blog have really made this experience of worthwhile.

Second, my birthday was EXACTLY two months ago (Which means that my half-birthday is in four short months!)

Finally, the Sonia Rykiel Spring knitwear collection for H&M will be debuting soon! Although I have mentioned this most likely 457 times already, this collection will be in stores on February 20, 2010, in 250 H&M stores nation wide. Below, is a preview of the collection.

Photos: H&M

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Did you know...

Puffins form long-term pair bonds or relationships.

Peace, Love, Puffins


Preview of Liberty of London Home Collection For Target

Below, are the first few photos from the Liberty of London For target collection, debuting March 14, 2010! Besides home decor, this line will include clothing, accessories, and more!

For more information, please click HERE.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paris Fashion Week

I speak for myself when I say that I am a bit sickened as I look over the fashion shows from the Paris Fall-Winter 2010 fashion week. Is it not disgusting how beautiful the clothing is? Anyways, below, is a link to all of the Fashion Shows that have taken place in Paris thus far. Which show is your favorite?

Click HERE to visit's coverage of Paris Fashion Week.

Photos: Jean Paul Gaultier from

Sonia Rykiel for H&M Knitwear- Behind the Scenes Video

I know. I know that I
did PROMISE that I would learn how to post a video on this blog. BUT... I didn't... And, I am sorry. BUT, eventually, I will have an epiphany and figure out how exactly to post a video from youtube on this blog. But, until then, you will all have to bare with me.

So, anyways... on February 20, 2010 (!) Sonia Rykiel will be debuting her second collection for H&M. If you do not already know, it will be a spring knitwear collection for women and children. Also, included in this line, will be accessories including incredible shoes, hats, and jewelry. Keep in mind: this line will only be available in 250 stores nationwide, so it would be wise to get there as early as you can Saturday morning if you are interested. Below, I have posted a link to the Sonial Rykiel for H&M knitwear collection Behind the Scenes video. I think that the title is self-exclamatory!

To watch the video, click HERE

Photos: Sonia Rykeil for H&M ads

So, when was the last time that you visited Zara... (Just Wondering)

I have concluded that I am very silly... Not only have I totally neglected to share the past look books, I have also forgotten how nice (it's quite a fitting word) Zara's clothing is... I am actually very excited to visit Zara the next opportunity that I do have, in hoping that I will come across these pieces like these in the photos! This first look book is from their December 2009 collection. Notice the YSL-type tops and bows. Also, it seems as if there is a bit of a Balmain inspiration. P.S. THERE'S A SALE GOING ON AS WE SPEAK! (YIPEE)

To view the whole December 2009 look book, click HERE.
To visit, click HERE.

Also, apparently, Zara posted the Following on their facebook page. These are a few looks from their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. It looks really cute to me! More photos from this collection are defiantly to come...

Thank you: for the photos/information