Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sales in NYC

Today, I was able to travel to both Topshop and Uniqlo in New York City. Good news:

Currently, there is a HUGE sale at Topshop! The whole second floor is packed with sale items! But, if you cannot visit the store, these same sale items are sold on!
At Uniqlo, I was happily surprised walking in for the first time! Not only is the clothing cute and simple, the prices are great, as well! Plus, almost the whole store was having a giant sale! I did not realize it, but the +J line (Jil Sander for Uniqlo) from October is STILL in stores, and it looks fantastic! Even better, it is on sale! I was able to purchase a very cute pair of pants (on sale AND in my size! Woohoo!) and a simple grey long sleeve shirt! I am very happy that I now know about Uniqlo and I suggest that anyone who is walking along Prince Street in New York City should visit! To view the Uniqlo website, click on the link below:

Instyle Finds the 100 Best Dresses of the Decade

To view this slideshow, click on the link below:

First Things First...

So... in the first hour of my New Year in New York City, I have done two of my favorite things: eat chocolate ice cream and view the new Chanel Spring/Summer ad campaign 2010. What a perfect way to welcome the New Year!

These two ads feature models Claudia Schiffer, Baptiste Giabiconi and Freja Beha Erichson shot by Karl Lagerfeld.

Thank you for photos

Happy New Year!

Happy 2010! May this day be filled with joy and glitter!
Shine Through New Year's Resolution:
Continue to learn about fashion. Embrace what 2010 brings!


P.S. Yes, I did help to make those BEAUTIFUL decorations...

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Interview with my cousin, Maya Elias Tips from Aunt Marilynn

While visiting in New York, I have experienced VERY cold weather! It has been quite difficult for me to find a “happy medium” between looking good and feeling warm. This poses a question: How does a teenager living in New York balance fashion and warmth?

LS: What is the typical daytime outfit that you, as a New York teenager, would put on in this cold weather?

ME: Either leggings or jeans and high boots with cashmere sweaters and big scarves. Slouchy shirts are also good.

LS: What would a typical New Yorker wear to go out on the town, this time of year?

ME: Tights, spandex skirts, and loose sheer off the shoulder shirts. I often wear high ankle boots with heels or patent leather pumps. I love dark wash jeans and super washed jeans, as well! Also, loose dresses with a big belts and rock and roll jewelry are great!

LS: Where are your favorite places to shop for the winter, day or night?

ME: I love Bloomingdales because they have such a great variety: anything from Diane Von Furstenberg dresses to Theory sweaters. I also love Ralph Lauren!

LS: How do you and your friends balance fashion and staying warm during the winter?

ME: In New York, it is part of the fashion to be warm. It’s totally not fashionable to be cold! It’s quite intriguing to see someone when they are covered up fully! In the city, it is not only about being warm, but also dressing light! Sheep skin or big furry hats with rich colored scarves and sleek black coats are usually paired with jeans or legging and comfortable warm boots.

LS: Can you inform me on any good deals or hints that only a “New York insider” would know?

Uniqlo has amazing jeans of any kind. (They retail for around $40) They also have great thermal jeans, which are perfect for the winter for a low price!

If you get a Bloomingdales Card, they mail you coupons and information about sales that are not open to the public. I highly recommend that.

On the street of New York, Pashminas are sold on the street that highly resembles designer scarves. (Sold for about $5)

It’s not about the sale: it’s about the pre-sale… If the sale is from the 5th-8th, you should go on the 4th. This is because you will get a better selection with a sale price.

Don’t forget: The most practical clothing in this city while shopping is dressing light!

The key to shopping is to knowing good design, but being able to recognize affordable copies of reasonable quality.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

GILT-Your Invitation has Arrived!

You have been invited to Gilt, another invitation-only shopping website with discounts on designer items, by me! To join this shopping website, click on the link below:

Post-Christmas Sales!

Thanks to, I have found a list of post-Christmas sales! Here are the highlights of the list. To view more sales, visit is running a post-Christmas sale with markdowns of 30-70%
Sephora is offering an extra 20% off 200+ sale items until December 31st. Use the promo code EXTRA at checkout. is running a designer sale with discounts of up to 70% off. Ends today. is offering up to 70% off on thousands of items today. You can get $5 off $50 with code SEARS5OFF50 is also running a designer shoe sale with up to 70% off on men's and women's designer shoes.
Ann Taylor is offering 40% off use code SALE40
Anne Klein is offering 30% off all purchases through December 27th.
Barney's is offering up to 60% off selected shoes, clothing and accessorie
Bloomingdale's is offering 30% to 50% off select merchandise. is offering an extra 20% off on cold weather style. is offering an extra 20% off until 12-27-09.
J.Crew is offering an extra 20% off until January 3rd. is offering 20% off with code GOLDSTAR - ends 12-31-09. is offering an extra 15% off sitewide until 12-29-2009.
Lucky Brand is offering 50% off select items.
Neiman Marcus is offering up to 60% off select items durings its post-Christmas sale.
Piperlime is offering up to 40% off during its lime tag sale.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Another Song

Thoughtfully Suggested by a friend, David Bowie's "Fashion" is a perfect song for the fashion lover! (P.S. Can you think of any words in the dictionary that have the same meaning of "fashion" in this context...? Because I cannot!)
Below is a link to this song on youtube:

Joy, Joy, Joy

I was quite astonished and delighted to find a very beautiful vintage sweater in my christmas pile! If you remember, the one that I fell so deeply in love with at Decadestwo a ways back... Yes, it was THAT one!

Now... Back to business

If anyone is interested in "having their voice be heard," is conducting a survey to determine "the best dressed women of this decade." Nominees include stars like Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Audrey Tautou and Mary-Kate Olsen. The results are to be delivered on January 25, 2010! To vote, click on the link below:


First of all, Merry Christmas to all! I hope that this day (whether you celebrate it or not) was quite enjoyable! I, for one, had a fantastic day! Also, on a different note, while watching the news today, a certain charity project caught my eye and reminded me of how lucky I am for everything that I do have. Charities all over the world help to provide a joyous holiday for those who are less fortunate, and I greatly applaud them for it! Next year, I am hoping that I can help to supply these families with a great Christmas, as well, by volunteering! Please remember: Giving is better than receiving. All of us should keep this in mind this season!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

'Twas the night before Christmas...

He Sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle, And away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim ere he drove out of sight, "Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
Wishing you all a safe and lovely Christmas eve!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sonia Rykiel for H&M Knitwear- Spring Collection

H&M has done it again- I am completely ecstatic and excited to see their Sonia Rykiel collection, (This spring) based on the few photos from the look book! On SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 20, 2010, Sonia Rykiel's knitwear collection will be debuting in 250 H&M stores! This collection will be for women and girls. I already have my eyes on the black strappy sandals and the pink dress, and I can't wait to see what other "things" (Sorry, I loathe that word) will be included in this collection! I will keep you posted as more of this look book comes out!
To view a preview of this collection, from Sonia Rykiel's last lingerie fashion show, click on the link below:

Photos: Courtesy of H&M
Thank you NITROLICIOUS.COM for the look book

Look who I spotted...

Here is a photo of an extremely chic Olson sister, Mary-Kate, wearing one of my new favorite pieces: CLOGS! Mary-Kate sports black Chloe clogs. I am very excited that this very old trend may be coming back... Thoughts??
Also, to my consent,'s Style File Blog has published an article titled: What Would The ’00s Have Been Without The Olsens?
This article includes a slideshow of the Olsen twin's incredible evolution in fashion. Personally, I think that the Olsen twin's fashion sense is quite sophisticated and I look to them for inspiration. To view this article, click on the link below:

THis is Why I love you, Vogue

Golden Silvers
Chester French
The Horrors

The Horrors

Vampire Weekend

I was happily surprised this morning when I checked the newsletter, to fortuitously come upon this article: Already famous- Straight from the pages of Vogue—eight great bands we think you should know about now. Combining my two favorite things in the world, (music and fashion) by Lauren Waterman and photographed by Steven Meisel, this article focuses on some of my favorite bands and includes model Sasha Pivovarova in fabulous (pre-fall?) clothing. Containing: Beirut, MGMT, Vampire Weekend, Adam Green, The Horrors, Chester French, Golden Silvers
Below, is the link to this article and slideshow.


Monday, December 21, 2009


According to exclusive sources, the following trends may be appearing in the new year:

The Garder tights
Bracelets on short boots
Cowboy boots
Gun Metal

What do you think? The trends are up to YOU.

More from Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel has filmed a new short video featuring model Lara Stone. I still cannot figure out how to post a video on my blog! I will try to figure it out this week, though. Soo... To view this film, called Vol de Jour, (Flight of Day) click on the link below:

Sunday, December 20, 2009


This morning, I trekked to the nearest Target at 8 AM to see the new Rodarte for Target line! Apparently, when the store opened, at 8, there was already a line outside the door, and they went straight to the accessories! When I arrived at 8:20(ish) I was quite disappointed to find that there was almost NOTHING left! Luckily, more clothing was sent from the back, and I was able to find everything that I had spied previously! My gist of the line: Light and girly. A bit "dressy" with cute colors and lace. I particularly enjoyed the bathing suits (which I will show you once I receive it on christmas) and a very cute leopard dress! I was able to sneak my camera into the dressing room and take a few "snap shots" of some pieces. So sorry about the blurry pictures- I am in need for a camera that does not require one to tape it shut in order to take a picture... (I am a bit clumsy, so I may of dropped it a few times.) Anyways, if you are interested in this line, you should either view it online or go to the target near new- quickly, though, because the line is selling out quickly! Good luck!

Here is the link to Rodarte for Target online:

Happy Holidays... (In a non-secular way!)

It's that Holiday season once again- I can smell it in the air! Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Year! May this season bring happiness and cheer. And of course... great food and family! (Not in a particular order)

P.S. Guess who made the FANTASTIC house... It was me, thank you very much. (Laughing)

Friday, December 18, 2009

If you are interested in fashion history...

Recently, a contributer to, Amanda Brooks, wrote a very informational article titled "The Rise of the Knee High." I think that the title is self-exclamatory!

To view this article, click on the link below:

Photo: Fashion Directory

Rachel Mcadams wearing Andrew GN to Sherlock Holms Premier in London

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen at Premier of NINE in NYC

What do you think?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I am so sorry that I have not recently updated my blog... I am going through Finals week. Be back soon!

Sincerely, Lilli

While you are waiting, check out this site! Though it has only been running for 1 month, over 100,000 people have joined and 30,000 more are on the wait-list!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre-Fall Favorites from Oscar De la Renta- NEW YORK, December 7, 2009

As I scrupulously scrolled through the Pre-Fall 2010 designer catalogue, I suddenly came upon a line that caught my attention in such a big way, that I found myself repeatedly stating Rachel Zoe’s trademark word “I die.” My jaw literally dropped the moment that I saw the new Oscar De La Renta Pre-Fall line 2010, which prompted me to write the world a letter stating the reasons why this line has created a sunny spot in all of this rain. First of all, I am a big advocate (believe it or not) for color use. While I do love dark colors (Most of my closet only contains black garments) I particularly “get a kick out of” Olvera Street- inspired clothing. Not to mention, Oscar De la Renta has perfectly captured an essence of the perfect holiday outfit for the “fun” dresser- filled with bright designs and a fair amount of shine. The bright jewelry helps to create a full look in these outfits. And, as I look closer to inspect these pieces, I realize that they are quite simple, but the pops of color really make them memorable. And, in my quest to find the most “flight-attendant style clothing” (Yes, my style is sometimes referred to as flight attendant-looking) I am perfectly satisfied with both the red and black tweed Chanel-looking dresses. So, with this one show, Oscar De la Renta has persuaded me to full forcedly fall in love with this line. I might even like the hair!

To view the rest of this show on, click on the link below:

Photos: Maria Valentino on