Thursday, June 24, 2010

Now and Then Online Vintage Store

I was notified by a friend that the Now and Then Vintage store, a new online shopping site, was incredible. So I took a look for myself, and discovered that this site is too good to be true! Prices for not only vintage, but brand name apparel as well are very low, and the selection is endless! For example, a seemingly gently used Marc by Marc Jacobs jacket sells for $20, while an abstract color blouse that I happen to be in love with sells for $11. A Dolce and Gabanna sequin dress that must of cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, sells for $35. Now and Then Vintage will now be bookmarked on my computer and I look forward to the expansion of the website!

To visit Now and Then online, click HERE.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alison Lewis for Target

Alison Lewis has designed an exclusive dress for Target, available online and in stores now for the steep price of $89.99. Inspired by the '60s flick Umbrellas of Cherbourg, the dress (pictured below) is made with a printed fabric of tiny umbrellas.


Photos: Target

Friday, June 18, 2010

Liberty of London for Manolo Blahnik

Liberty of London has struck again! Honestly, it seems as if the company is on a quest for instant household recognition! Target, J Crew and now Manolo Blahnik have paired with the English company in the past year to create designer collaboration collections. According to "Mama's a Rolling Stone," the collection will not only include shoes, but also scarves, candles, rain boots, notebooks and more. The collection will be available starting September 10, 2010 at the “World Of Manolo” boutique inside Liberty’s London store. Of course, it will most likely be available online as well. More to come.

Below, is the shoe collection preview.

Photos: Mama's a Rolling Stone

Friday, June 11, 2010

New York, Day 3

As requested by very dedicated cousin (Possibly the only person who actually reads this blog) I must continue blogging frequently.

It's my third day in New York City, and the rain has finally ceased. Although we have repeatedly tried to visit the Moma and the Guggenheim in the past two days, we have simply failed to do so as a result of our love for window shopping.
In the past two days, though, we have visited some incredible hot spots for shopping in the city...
We may have even found my mother's future wedding dress.
I created a list of several incredible stores in New York City that I must share with you all.

P.S. So sorry for the slightly blurry cell-phone photos (I'm not very good at remembering my camera)

1. Located in New York City and the Hamtons, and coming to Los Angeles soon,
Park 25 holds exquisite new yet vintage looking clothing and jewelry from
(my favorite) Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti to Adam.

2. A favorite of mine, Ina has five different stores for men
and women around New York City. The selection of vintage and second hand
clothing, shoes and accessories is unique and beautiful.
The Prices are not too steep either.

3. Scoop , the self proclaimed "ultimate closet" is located all over the United States
in cities such as New York City, Miami and Chicago. Although very expensive,
it is definitely on my "must visit if you are a tourist who loves fashion" list.

4. As my aunt so truly spoke, Jeffrey is "the new Barneys." Actually, as I discovered
upon viewing their shoe sale rack (Including this season's Chanel), its better
than Barneys. Although prices are steep, the store, which is located in both
New York City and Atlanta, is incredibly breathtaking.

If I could actually find the list...
I do have a list of my favorite Vintage stores in Soho
(for anyone who is traveling to New York soon)
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New York, I Love You

In the city that never sleeps, I lay awake. I have finally arrived in one of the destinations that make me happiest. As it is dark outside, I have yet to find "inspiration" among creative and interesting dressers on the streets. More to come.

On other notes, it has been a while since my last fashion news update.

First, Mulberry has just announced that they will be partnering up with Target this fall to launch a limited edition handbag collection. The bags will be released October 10th, 2010. More information to come.

Second, one of my favorite blogs,, has released the Zara June 2010 lookbook, as well as the H&M fall lookbook. Check them out because, as usual, they are seriously cute!
To view the Zara June 2010 lookbook, click HERE.
To view the H&M fall lookbook, click HERE.

Third, FashionSquad has released several photos from Topshop's fall 2010 collection, and I am really loving what I see so far! Check out the sneak peak HERE.

Fourth, not that we have time to catch up on ALL of them, (as much as we would like to) the resort 2o11 runway shows have begun, and might I say, very many of them. To view the looks from a few past shows, click HERE.

Fifth, how could I possibly not include a post about cats? Has anyone read the Catorialist? One word: Me-ow.

Monday, June 7, 2010

I'm Baaack (It Sounds like a Nightmare)

Hiatus is over! After a seemingly long respite, Shine Through Blog is back and less technologically challenged than ever! A blackberry phone and Facebook account later, I have finally mastered the basics of internet/technicality. Summer has finally approached, bringing new adventures. In the near future, Shine Through Blog will be visiting two major fashion cities (Let me give you a hint: New York City, Paris.) On account of these new and beautiful sights, I plan on sharing inspiring outfits and random (yet helpful and insightful) facts throughout the summer. And trust me, this very warm season holds a lot of excitement. Thank you for bearing with me these past few weeks! I appreciate all of your incredibly kind support.

Shine Through Blog