Sunday, December 6, 2009

Interview with Elizabeth Fieldcamp, jewelry designer

Bio: Texas native, Los Angeles transplant, Elizabeth Fieldcamp is the owner and jewelry designer for Gypsy collection jewelry (website coming soon.) Elizabeth owned an extremely successful boutique (which she recently sold) in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas, before moving to Los Angeles, where she expanded her collection (It was originally sold exclusively at her boutique.) Since moving to Los Angeles, Elizabeth has spread her line to stores across the country. Her line is now being sold in Los Angeles at boutiques like Market, in the Brentwood circle and Poppy, located in the Country Mart. In Texas, her work can be found at Market boutique, in Corpus Christi, and Bee Hive, in Austin. Elizabeth’s prices range from $35- 400.

LS: In your opinion, what are the most “trendy” things in jewelry at the moment?

EF: Ohh… I’m loving Black diamonds right now. I am also loving big chunky natural stones on titanium or gun-metal chains… There’s nothing better than a big chunky piece of amethyst or turquoise dangeling form a chain!

LS: How should these pieces be worn?

EF: In so many ways… they can dress up a t-shirt and jeans, or be worn with a cocktail dress. Lots of layers work, too- chains with many layers can go either way.

LS: How would you describe your line?

EF: I do a variety of things. I have edgy pieces as well as conservative pieces, but I love the mixture of the too. I also LOVE gold and turquoise. I tend to use a lot of turquoise and different shades of blue stones.

LS: Of your line, what are the best pieces to give and receive for the holidays?

EF: You can’t go wrong with my horoscope necklaces (pictured above.) They’re so simple and dainty, but they really make a statement. It’s a thoughtful gift and everyone loves something personalized! Another favorite of mine for the holidays is a vintage coin on a strand like sapphire or rubies (pictured above.) They’re so unique and rare.

LS: What is your idea of a classic style of jewelry that is always in?

EF: I think that turquoise will be around forever, whether it be set in gold, silver, platinum, etc. Pearls are forever, as well! You can wear them in so many ways: dangling off a gun-metal chain or just a simple strand.

LS: If you had unlimited funds, what piece of jewelry would you purchase first?

EF: Oh my goodness, I almost died over a cocktail ring that I saw at the Santa Monica Bead and Gem Show this weekend. It was a large ball covered in small diamonds upon a gold ring band. It was so vintage-looking! I am in love! And… If I still had some money left over, I would love a big chunky turquoise necklace, like the one the Eva Mendes wore to the 2009 Golden Globes, by Neil Lane.

LS: How can we, who do not live near these stores, purchase your jewelry?

EF: Just call one of my stores, or email me for requests!

Elizabeth can be contacted at

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