Monday, August 2, 2010

Bonjour from Paris!

Bonjour from the city of Paris! It is with great excitement and joy that I inform my readers that I have been basking in the (unfortunately) strange weather at the Capital of all things to do with fashion, Paris, France! I am down to limited internet access, so I once again apologize for my absence! Some observations from Paris include a lot of stripes on both men and women, tailored jackets, flair pants, over the shoulder bags and incredibly fashionable men! If only I could speak a word of French, I would most definitely ask to photograph all of the stylish French people walking the streets. The style in this city is universal, and I am quite intimidated to walk the streets because I have encountered so many fashion forward citizens! Highlights include the incredible sales all around ending on the third of August and Bertillion ice cream. I would most definitely suggest coming to Paris in late July and very early August to catch the sales! It is the most ideal time for shoppers like me to find very stylish pieces at a very affordable price! Possibly more exciting than my shopping outing were my two visits to Bertillion Ice cream! I think that I would have to call it my favorite ice cream. Ever. And that really does mean a lot because I am sort of an ice cream fanatic.

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